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Victorious Life Family Worship Center, founded in 2015, is an Apostolic, multi-generational, church that is devoted to educating, training and equipping the people of God to Invade, Occupy and Influence the World with the culture of the King. VLFWC uses ALL mantles and gifts which the Lord has given the church to advance the His Kingdom. Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists together collaborate to keep in sync with Heaven’s agenda.
Our Leaders, Ambassador Winston and Apostle Renita Graber are called and ordained to press into the Kingdoms of darkness, preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. Together they hold a unique style and a ‘no holds barred’ approach to advancing the Kingdom of God.
Apostle Graber is known for her ability to teach, coach, impress, train, guide, and push individuals to live their divine, ordain purpose in God. She constantly says that you are no help to God until you become connected with His Plan for your life.
Ambassador Winston, with His extensive military background, is known for His strong leadership which include structure, commitment, faithfulness to the God and His people. All the Kings Men Group, Fusion Youth, and Cultivate Young Men Group are all strengthen by His guidance and direction.
Victorious Life is a Family Worship Center. We have three levels and are attentive to all ages and levels. Of course, our adults are being trained, however, we have a very strong Young Adult Ministry and a Powerful Youth Ministry. Every age in the church is assigned a training ministry and is committed to be trained.
In 2019, Victorious Life extended its reach in the region to plant another church in Houma, Louisiana. God has used Victorious Life to display His Glory in that region to break the hold of Poverty, Religion and Tradition.
Pressing into darkness to expand the Kingdom of God is the Mission of Victorious Life Family Worship Center.
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