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The Leaders Language (3-Month Mentoring Program)


Kingdom Leaders can never become satisfied with the status quo, they must continue to grow, reaching for new heights in their personal growth, for the sake of the Kingdom of God! There is More! So many blessings and advancements have been held up because we don’t know who we are. We forfeit the opportunity to sit at the Kings table because of fear in opening up our mouth. The decade we just entered into, starting from 2020-2029 is the season of the mouth, which is represented by the Hebrew letter Pey. As the season of Pey, the year 2020 and this decade emphasizes the mouth, what we speak, declare, and give voice to. In this year of 5782, in the decade of Peh – the mouth – that lies ahead, God is giving us the strength, individually and collectively, to speak out and take action to repair our broken world. There is a language that even the enemy respects! Sign up and learn how to use your voice to command and shape your world. THIS COURSE OFFERS.... 12 (2) hr sessions Course Notes/Materials Video Recorded Links 2 Private Sessions with Apostle Graber

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